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joey n josh

'tis me again. I've got a whole slew of these. I didn't want to bombard poor gal_montag with them, so I waited till I could do it myself.

With that having been said, this one goes out to the lovely gal_montag. Mahalo plenty! :D

He was hot in the very basic meaning of the word. When they touched, his flesh felt like tongues of fire lapping at his skin. Problem was, he burned very easilly - moreso nowadays than before. The last person to burn him like that didn't return his calls anymore, and it was everything Josh could do not to make that connection again. But as the situation grew complicated, the fire burned hotter. And he'd never been the type to turn down the heat.

"Great show tonight, man. Really top notch stuff." Josh wasn't really listening. He heard her, acknowledged what she'd said, but was still trying to wrap is brain around the fact that this beautiful amazon girl had her arm wrapped around his drummer's. His eye twitched before he replied.


She waved a hand dismissively, her eyes sparkling in the faint light. "No problem. I love you guys. You're my favorites."

"I thought I was your favorite," Joey purred. Josh scowled as the girl tossed Joey a suggestive glance.

Her warm brown skin flushed as their eyes met. "Well yeah, but that's different." Joey winked at Josh and slid his arm snugly around the girl's waist.

"Urk," said Josh.


"Have fun?" he offered instead. The pair smiled wickedly before leaving him alone with his thoughts. He wanted to reach out and pluck his drummer from this wanton harlot's grasp, but instead decided to take a drag on his cigarette. Blessed cigs, never betrayed him. Never strolled off with five feet and ten inches of curvy amazon glory when he had other plans in mind. Not once did his cigarettes glance at him wisely before spouting off anecdotes of sagely musical sageness, nor did they turn him on merely by daring to stare him down. He absently patted the pack of cigarettes in his back pocket.

"That'll do, cigs. That'll do."


"Just talk to him, retard." Josh shot Troy an ugly look. The smaller man sat cross-legged in his chair, drink in one and and a magazine in his lap. "Look at me like that all you want, I don't care. But you're never gonna get in his pants unless you say something." He bit his lip. Troy apparently didn't know about what exactly had transpired after their poker game the night before. He felt his pulse against the now painful zipper of his jeans. The fleeting images of Joey's impossibly warm skin against his own flashed before his eyes and he absently fingered the cigarette behind is ear as memories of the older man's low, gravely sighs licked at his ears like a long forgotten song. He was suddenly very aware that he was being stared at. Troy was smirking, a convinced look twinkling in his eyes.

Josh leered at him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Troy shrugged. "Hey man, I call it like I see it. If Eve can pick an apple from a tree, you can pick a Joey from a hotel room." Josh smoldered. "I'm just sayin'..." Troy's voice trailed off and faltered under his friend's devastating glare. Scowling harder, Josh plucked the molested cigarette from behind his ear and stormed off. Troy grinned smugly and turned the page in his magazine.

"Fucker," Josh mumbled. "Fuckin... fucker." Digging in his pockets for his room key, he decided a night like this was best spent under as many influences as possible. After what seemed like hours of fumbling with the door and wrestling with the liquor cabinet, Josh sat at the foot of his bed and surfed the hotel channels for porn. Striking gold with an old Jenna Jameson flick, he shifted to get comfortable and tossed back a swig of whiskey.

He wasn't even paying attention. Even his beloved cigarettes and they're spirited counterparts couldn't deter his mind from wondering what his drummer was up to next door. They'd had a falling out before going on stage, he recalled. Something stupid, he couldn't even remember what they'd fought about. He did, however, remember the glimmer of feral rage in the drummer's normally calm and docile expression and the heat that radiated from his skin. While he may have had nearly a foot on him, Josh wasn't afraid to admit that he'd been a bit worried about the fists balled at Joey's sides. Of course, he'd always liked a little violence in his foreplay. And of course, Joey knew that...

It wasn't until the faint rocking of the filmed bed became louder than normal that Josh snapped out of his reverie. He cast a confused gaze at the picture above the TV and nearly choked on his whiskey as he watched it pound against the wall. He darted to the wall and pressed his ear against it, forgetting the now empty bottle of whiskey on the floor. He nearly swallowed his tongue at what he heard.

The muffled cries and groans belonged to the amazon, he mused, while the pants and grunts were from Joey. It was a wonderfully poignant stacatto, accentuated by the amazon's gutteral moans and pleas for more. Josh bit his lip as his drummer demanded she repeat his name again, this time in Spanish, and didn't bother to resist the urge to reach for his cock when she complied. Josh blindly sat on a nearby dresser, reaching behind him to move the lamp that was in his way. As he settled, he again pressed his ear to the wall and listened to the coupling in the other room.

He'd just unzipped and wrapped a hand around his cock, when a loud thump, louder than the others, resounded behind the wall. Fuck, he thought. They must be against the wall...

Grinning like a fiend, he both listened and stroked a little harder.

"Fuck," said the amazon.

"Mmm, thought I was," replied the drummer, his syllables punctuated with a thrusting boom against the wall. She groaned loudly as his onslaught continued, and Josh groaned as he stroked himself along with their rhythm. Their noises resounded in his ear like stereo headphones. He was careful to keep quiet for fear of being heard. Not that he cared, but he wanted to at least hear what he'd been unable to get that night sans getting caught.


"Cum for me..." And she did, loud and throaty. Josh groaned louder than he wanted and pulled wildly at his cock, pumping his fist in time with their pounding as he strained to hear over his own pulse.

"Fuck, yes," she chuckled breathlessly after a few moments. "Christ, that was excellent." He heard Joey laugh in response and the faint sound of a zipper closing. "Well, it was nice meting you, she continued. "Don't be a stranger next time you're in town, hear?" Joey's faint chuckle and aquiecence came next, a beat of silence, then the sound of the door closing.

Josh glanced down at his throbbing cock and sighed. He struggled with his zipper and fought its attempts to catch the sensitive flesh in its mettal clutches, when there was a knock at his door. Cursing under his breath, he finally zipped his jeans and trudged to the door. He peered out the peep whole and choked as a pair of devious-looking brown eyes gazed back at him.


"Open the door, Homie," came his voice. "I can see your big ass blocking the light on your side, man. Move." Josh practically dove on the TV to turn it off before scurrying to open the door. After a breath, he opened the door and stood aside, refusing to make eye contact as the shorter man crossed the threshhold. Joey took the door from Josh's hands and shut it with a snap, forcing him to the look then other in the eye.

His expression was unreadable. Josh couldn't tell if the older man was going to hit him or kiss him. It made him uneasy, and as he fished around in his back pocket for a second pack of smokes, he hoped it wasn't too obvious.

Of course, it was. He dropped his lighter when he went to light up, and burned his fingers on the cherry when it finally got lit. He nearly put the cigarette in his pocket, and slipped said lighter between his lips. He mumbled a string of curses and corrected his follies, and cursed his delicate complextion as he felt his face go red.

"Relax, will you," Joey said, eyeing him cautiously. "You're making me nervous..." Josh grinned wickedly.

"Knew you wanted me."

Joey shrugged. "At least I have the decency to tell you, and not jack off while I listen to you through the wall." Josh choked and coughed violently, his face deepening three shades as the smoke gradually leaked from his unprepared lungs. Joey smirked and moved towards nearly empty bottles on the bed and selected a bottle of tequilla.

"Heh," Josh wheezed, happy to change the subject as he watched his drummer screw off the cap. "My tequilla don't love me no more-" He fell silent as Joey tossed back three swigs of the harsh liquid like it was water.

"Your tequilla loves you plenty," he said, staring pointedly at Josh. "You just don't know how to treat it right." Josh swallowed. "Come here." His legs were moving before the thought had registered, and he stood an arm's length away from the shorter man, feeling entirely too much like a small child. Joey eyed the bed briefly before returning his stare to the ginger giant before him.

"Take down your pants and bend across the bed." So he did. It seemed like a reasonable enough suggestion, considering the familiar look in his eyes. He felt his skin prickle and pucker as the drummer stroked the expanse of his generous rear, taking his time to allow the chilled air of the room counteract the heat of his touch. Josh stilled as he heard Joey's buckle come undone, and bit his bottom lip out of habit. He felt stupid, bent over like that. He hadn't bent over for anyone except Nick...

"I know you're thinking about him," came Joey's purr from behind him. "Can't promise it'll be that way, you know. I won't even try. I'll leave that up to you." Before he could respond, Josh let out a shout as Joey sheathed himself inside him.

The initial pain was blinding. He bit back the treacherous tears that threatened to spill onto his cheeks and clutched the bedspread beneath him. His breath was shallow and slight as he felt Joey throb inside him. As the redhead struggled quietly, the drummer stayed oddly still, waiting until the other became properly adjusted. Josh noticed.

"Don't stop..." Josh looked around the room, startled at the wanton request that apparently had come from him. Joey paused for a moment. Then with a wicked smirk, he began a terribly slow rhythm, dragging out his lengthy strokes to tease the larger man beneath him. Josh writhed and squirmed in spite of himself, his body reacting to the pain-pleasure before his mind could properly asses what was going on.

It didn't take long - Joey was bigger than he'd been prepared for, and his girth struck Josh in all the right places. He was coming with no reach around, his breath spilling in heavy, ragged gasps. Joey was relentless however, and only quickened and intensified his pace. Josh, as much as he wanted to, could not bear it.

"My God, stop," he wheezed, cowering a little.

Joey huffed. "Make up your mind." His voice was low and gravely, and it was everything Josh could do from coming again. Instead he decided to fall on his knees, and gazed hungrily up at the older man before him. Without a word, Josh slid Joey's length into his mouth and groaned. He wrapped his lips snugly around the warm, soft flesh, and suckled for all he was worth. Loosing it, Joey grabbed handfulls of ginger hair and pounded Josh's mouth, taking a certain wicked delight in the gagging sounds he recieved in response. He'd actually expected Josh to cave again, but he moaned hungrily instead, hollowing his cheeks around his shaft, shooting saucy glares up at the drummer. It took about two of those before Joey lost it completely, spilling himself into the other man's mouth. Josh swallowed it greedily, a single drop of pearly liquid remaining on his bottom lip. Joey growled and bending swiftly, sucked his cum off of Josh's lip. Joshua swooned.

"Jesus," he gasped.

"Joey'll do, thanks," Joey replied smugly.

The ending was rushed. :( Tell me what yous think.
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