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Hullo, lovlies. :D I've got one more, but I feel I must warn that there is femme slash. Yes, duckies, I dropped the f-bomb. Femme. Fucking. Slash. Dig it, if you will. :p

It was an interesting phenomenon, motherhood. More often than naught, Brody caught herself in the crossroads between what was right, and what was fun. Logic versus inner-child. It wasn't till the birth of her child that Brody even realised she had a logic part of her brain. And lately, it was beginning to piss her off.

Brody crossed her arms and scowled. It was positively maddening. She sat there in all her Amazonian glory, rubbing her hands all over her man without an inkling of guilt. So what, they'd toured together. So what, they played together. Brody failed to see in the context of that agreement where Natasha got to touch Josh like that.

"Joshua," crooned Natasha as she kneaded his shoulders. "You're so tense..."

"I had baby duty last night," said Josh, his eyes starting to close. "Fuck, you're good at this, Tasha..."

Brody fumed. She took a drag on her cigarette to find it smoked down to the filter. Reacting, she flicked it at her husband, taking a wicked delight in his peals of anguish as the cherry burnt his skin. Without a word, Brody stood and stormed off to another part of the Rancho.

Platonic her ass. She never touched Tony or Ryan like that. Brody paused and fished around in her jacket pocket for her smokes. All right, maybe once with Tony, but she wasn't married then, and even if she was, she wouldn't have been stupid enough to do anything in front of Tim. She felt her stomach churn a bit and decided to change the mental subject.

The Rancho was crowded, moreso than Brody was used to, now that everyone had some downtime. Joey and Troy were in the kitchen, probably making out, Jesse and Goss where in the dining room, hopefully not making out - what the hell. When did all these motherfuckers get here? On a whim, she ducked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her with a snap.

Brody sneered at her reflection as she touched up her make-up. She'd managed to get her figure back after her pregnancy, but her face remained plump and chubby, something she positively loathed. The last thing she needed was to grow saggy and fat as she aged. She'd be a hot mom, if she had anything to do with it. Too bad she tried her best not to speak with her own mother - she could use some matronly advice on how to stay young...

Her mind instantly flitted to Natasha, and she instantly wanted to hit something. The violent urge boiled within her, and she couldn't figure out why. Natasha was so mature, so womanly, so beautiful... Brody snarled again. The pianist was older than she looked, Brody knew that much. Just how old, she didn't know. She knew that she envied Natasha's bust size and the length of her legs, however, and wondered what they'd feel like wrapped around her neck... Brody stilled as she realized how far her fingers had wandered beneath the waistband of her jeans. Her mind split in two, the first, more logical half demanded that she remove her fingers at once and hit something instead. The latter, less logical half urged her onwards, admitting fully how badly she wanted to perform all the naughty thoughts in her skull.

Brody was never one to put much faith into logic.

It was glorious when she finally allowed herself the release she needed. She had grown wet thinking about the taller woman - and watching her hands dip inside her pants in the bathroom mirror didn't exactly make her want to stop. Brody shot her reflection a sardonic grin. Ah, B - you narssicistic bit-

"Ooops! I'm sorry, Brody-" Natasha, at that exact moment, decided to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A dark look settling over her face, she grinned at Brody. "...sorry to interrupt."

Brody froze. The logical half of her wondered why Natasha hadn't shut the door yet. The half that made her stick her hand down her pants in the first place wondered why Natasha hadn't come in yet. Natasha grinned knowingly and shut the door. After she'd stepped in.

Brody swallowed. What. The fuck.

"I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds earlier," Natasha said a bit shyly, her hands behind her back. "I didn't realize how badly that looked from your point of view. I have... Joshua is not..." Natasha fumbled a bit. "There is nothing between us." Silence. "Between me and Joshua, I mean. Not me and you. Ha..." Brody arched an eyebrow at her. Natasha smiled nervously and cleared her throat. "Right. I'll let you, um..."

"Nothing, you say?" asked Brody boldly, slowly removing her now-slick fingers and taking steps to close the space between them.

Natasha was startled. "No, no, nothing. I have never done anything with Joshua. He is just a boy to me-"

"I wasn't talking about 'Joshua'," snickered Brody. She raised her fingers to Natasha's face and grazed a thumb against her bottom lip. A wicked grin settled over her face and she slowly sucked the digit into her mouth. Brody felt a piece of her die inside.

Natasha grinned. "Oh." As Brody searched for her tongue, the pianist took her hand and moved on to the glistening fingers near her face and dragged her tongue along their lengths. Somewhere, Brody heard herself groan.

"I didn't know you liked to swing like this, Brody," Natasha purred as she liked Brody's fingers clean. "How long have you been keeping this from your husband?"

"Mmf," said Brody. "He, uh, doesn't need to know."

"Oh, sure," said Natasha with a sober nod. She cupped Brody's breasts in her palms and fondled her, grinning as the other woman moaned wantonly. Natasha nodded at the counter near the sink, and Brody hopped up in a flash. Grinning wickedly, Tasha teasingly flicked her tongue at Brody's hardening nipples through the thin veil of her shirt, eliciting a dangerous hiss from Brody. Taking it and running with it, Natasha suckled as much as Brody's breast in her mouth as she could, her tongue stroking the nipples hungrily. Brody gripped the edge of the counter for dear life, still unable to grasp exactly what was going on. She didn't think it possible, but she just might cum from this mouth on her tit...

"Ooops! My fau-" Josh stood aghast, gawking at the scene before him. "Holy fuck." Brody snarled at him and hopped off the counter. Grinning at the predatory expression on Natasha's face, she took the pianist's hand in her own and lead her out of the bathroom. As she passed her husband, she tapped him lovingly on the tip of his nose and lead Natasha to their bedroom. Her logical mind shrieked for her to cease and resist at the top of its proverbial lungs until the less practical half proceeded to bludgeon it to silence.

Bugger what he thought, she concluded silently, grinning as she felt Natasha's hand on her ass. She'd be a hot mom after all.

Let me know if this is too slashy for it's own good, okay. I personally think Tasha-face is kinda hot, but that's jut me. *donns halo*
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