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Prompt from mightyafrodite. I once told him how much I enjoyed sitting on his lap, with my back against that broad, firm chest. I've done it plenty of times on hot summer nights, sipping red wine to his Jack Daniels, listening to Muddy Waters. Until he reached around me and dangled the scarves in front of my face, I didn't realize he had other plans this time.

Josh always was a tease.

"What are those for," I ask, hoping he'd suddenly taken an interest in magic. I feel him chuckle before I hear it and shudder as he bites my earlobe. Hard. A sharp hiss escapes my mouth before I can help it, and he takes the opportunity to bind my wrists together, a bit tighter than I would have liked. He raises my arms above my head, and secures them to the tall headboard behind us. I tense visibly, his soft cooing noise litterally going in one ear and out the other. Even when he wets his fingertips and slowly rubs my nipple rings, I have a considerably difficult time supressing the wave of panic threatening to take over me.

"Relax," he says as dark fabric drapes before my eyes. My bound arms prove no use to me as I struggle while he blindfolds me. "It won't hurt. Much."

"Listen," I chuckle nervously. "I was just foolin' around all those times before, you know." He shifts beneath me, and I feel his hard cock press insistanly against the suddenly impossibly small hole of my ass. "Just foolin', ya know? Not seriously serious, or anything like that-" A shriek of blurry origins errupts from my face before I can finish my thought, and Josh groans deep in his chest.

"Joey," he says, as he rolls those hips, sheathing his length inside me to the hilt. "You talk too much."

Dunno if she meant for that to be slashy, but damn if it didn't get there anyway.
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