The Dread Ninja-Pirate Mad Anne Rackham Esq. (gal_montag) wrote in plaid_on_plaid,
The Dread Ninja-Pirate Mad Anne Rackham Esq.

Title: That Girl
Fandom: Queens of the Stone Age
Characters: Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri, Brody Dalle, Troy VanLeeuwen
Prompt: #85 She
Word Count: 323
Rating: PG, but only barely
Summary: Genderfuck, you know you love it
Disclaimer: These people aren't mine, I don't know them, I don't claim to. This is all fiction.
Notes: indirajames may consider this a bribe if she wants...

It should have been old hat by now, but waking up a girl for the past two weeks is really starting to make Mark lose his cool. He's back up to almost a pack a day again and he starves for a hit, slouching around in Brody's clothes, which are too big on top and too short on the bottom, hopefully looking surly enough to keep everyone away.

He's failing, though. He knows because every time he growls it comes out all wrong and Brody gives him a big hug and Nick mocks him openly. And Troy is forever offering fashion tips.

"Well, you look like such a dyke!" He says in exasperation.

Mark yanks the barrettes out of his hair and runs his hands through it until it stands more on end than usual.

"You're one to talk," he roars, though it comes out more like a shriek. "You know fuck all about woman's fashion anyway!" And he stomps off trailing ribbons and silk and lace.

Although, he admits to himself, his legs *do* look better in stockings.

And it's should be enough to still pass as a guy at 6'5", even with the peaches and cream complexion, if he dresses baggy enough. But his shoulders are too narrow and his hips are too wide and his breasts too perky and he keeps running into things with this ungainly, swaying walk that's more a glide than a stride. He can't even go get a pack of cigarettes without people goggling at him.

Look at that fuckin' girl, I wonder if the legs go all the way up.

And Mark doesn't even know what that means. He offers what he hopes is a withering glare, and probably isn't, and finds himself flouncing out of the store. Which totally ruins any sort of intimidating he'd been planning on doing.

But he clearly can't look *that* much like a dyke. And that makes him smile.

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