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Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it ain't mine. ;)

Josh wiped at his eyes and looked at his watch as he shuffled like a zombie to the door. Whoever it was was gonna catch it, pounding at his door at 11 am... Josh opened the door with a sharp tug and snapped, "What?" Nick stood awkwardly before him, biting anxiously at his fingernails. Josh was surprised.


"You busy?" Nick asked, glancing over Josh's shoulders. Josh shook his head and stepped aside.

"You okay-"

"Yeah, great fine awesome, look," Nick said pointedly, a familiar wicked delight dancing in his eyes. "You think I can use your computer real quick?" Josh's shoulders sagged, deflated.

"Yeah, sure. It's in the living room."

"Good, call the rest of the guys," Nick said, heading towards the machine. Josh looked at him, confusion plain on his pale features.

"Um, okay..."

"Yeah," said Nick. "Yeah, do it. Lanegan too." Unable to resist the urgency in Nick's voice, Josh complied.

A half hour later, they each stood in Josh's living room, some still asleep, but all utterly confused.

"Let me guess," Troy quipped around his morning cigarette. "You've finally decided to come out of the closet?"

"HahaWRONG," said Nick, smiling anyway. He cleared his throat and began to read.

"It wasn’t supposed to be like this,"he began. "Nick raked back the non-existent hair on his head – a nervous habit he’d never been able to shake – and sighed before ordering another drink. That would push the uneasy thoughts away.

"Josh would stick his dick in anyone and anything, they’d laugh-"

"HEY!" Josh protested.

"Shut up," Troy hissed, his eyes fixed on Nick in a sort of terror.

Nick grinned and continued. "Like most jokes this one hinged on a tiny grain of truth. Josh wasn’t the most selective of guys. The only person he kept coming back to was Nick, knocking on the door at stupid fucking o’clock, sniffing a lot and with a stupid smile on his face. Sometimes he’d bring someone else and swagger even more. And Nick would always always let him in. It wasn’t even a conscious decision anymore..."

"What the shit is this," growled Mark. "I don't get it."

"There's a whole fuckin' bunch of this stuff, man," Nick said, turning to them finally. "All different chicks write about us, all of us having gay sex." The looks he received were not at all the kind he was expecting. Josh merely chewed at his lip while Troy smoked furiously. Joey looked nervous and out of place, and Lanegan pulled a snarl.

" it hot?" Troy coughed and gawked at Lanegan.

"What?" He gasped, clutching at his chest. "That's the first thing you have to say? 'Is it hot?'?!"

"Well," Lanegan shugged. "Is it?" They turned and stared at Nick. He cleared his throat and scrolled down a bit on the page and began to read again.

"Nick sighed quietly, pursed his lips slightly and got right down to it, sliding Josh’s fly open-" Joshua let out a strangled sort of whisper as Joey collapsed into a chair that had thankfully been behind him. "That was the only reason he was involved, after all, he was a catalyst, a medium through which they could settle their fucking alpha male bullshit-"

"Got that right," Lanegan smirked at Josh. His turn to blush.

"And so he rubbed Josh through his boxers as Josh bit him lightly on the shoulder. Troy slid his hands over Nick’s chest and tweaked and pinched his nipples in a way that suggested he knew exactly what he was doing." Troy did the unthinkable and blushed. "Fuck, it was good. Nick felt his cock harden. He decided to pick up the pace and struggled with Troy’s shirt buttons as Josh sighed and struggled with Nick’s fly. Some buttons went flying and Nick threw himself on top of Troy, pinning his wrists down and shoving his tongue roughly down Troy’s throat."

"Holy shit," Lanegan chuckled fondly. "Find another one." Nick, beside himself, searched the page for something new. "Find one with me in it."

"Oh, dude, they love you on this shit," Nick said, his eyes fixed on the screen. "Listen: At first, you could liken it to cats fighting. Very large cats. Still, the way they writhed and rocked and yelled and threw each other into the table, the chair, the window, gave the impression of being snared by the barbs of another's cock."

"Eww," muttered Joey. Nick threw up a finger for him to wait, and continued, a smiled drawing over his face.

"Joey screamed again-" Joey stilled as rosy hue dawned over his warm complextion. "-throwing Mark over his shoulder and onto the bed, leaping after him with predatorial intensity. He pinned Mark down for all of a few seconds, enough to drag his jeans down over his hips, before he recieved a heavy jolt in his gut, knocking him back onto the ground. Mark darted after him, throwing himself on top of the drummer, fists tight as a pucker and his eyes glittering with dark desire; a voice in his head howling mercilessly to brand the younger man with the same stars that mottled his hands..."

Josh, Nick, and Troy stared at the remaining two. Mark was still, his expression solemn and Joey looked very much like he'd rather be anywhere else but there at that very moment. Mark's dark, glittering eyes lingered on Joey's before moving on to Nick.

"Well?" he said. "Is that it?"

"What?!" Joey shrieked finally, unable to take it a moment further. "How can you be so cool with this?! What the fuck is wrong with you? These girls, they know we.... How can they know we... HOW!?" He pointed at Nick. "You told them, didn't you, you sardistic bastard? You want this shit to leak and get us all, don't you? I'm gonna beat the fuck outta you-"

"Can it wait," Josh said meekly, still chewing on his bottom lip. "I kinda wanna know what happens next."

"Fuckin' right," Mark said, leering at Joey. "'cause I'll be damned if you top." Joey was aghast. He looked from Joshua to Troy, and even Nick for some support, praying that one of them would have his back. Deflating when he realized there'd be no backup, he eyed Mark darkly.

"Fuck you, I'd top," Joey scoffed.

"Joey took the opportunity from being underneath to take a quick grab at Mark's crotch, and held on when the older man reared up, cursing huskily, and found himself being rolled onto his back, Joey half-laughing, half-panting," Troy read over Nick's shoulder, an evil grin on his face. Joey looked triumphant, and took it so far as to stick his tongue out at Lanegan, who merely puffed patiently away at his cigarette. "Their eyes reflected the same madness and determination, Mark clawing alternately at Joey's chest and boxer shorts, and Joey engulfing Mark's mouth with his own, pressing down so hard into the kiss, and with so much blood racing around, Mark thought his head would explode."

"Nice," Josh grinned.

"Wait, wait," Troy smiled. "Mark refused to let his trousers be brought down any lower than his knees, kicking and growling, a little finger hooked around a nipple ring as a means of controlling the man on top of him. Whoosh," Troy grinned, fanning himself. "Joey did not approve of Mark's ownership-"

"Damn right."

"-and bit his arm hard-"


"-leaving marks that would bruise with time-"

"Very good-"

"Shut UP!"

"...and fast as lightning scooted back and dove into the gap. The hot denim and metal chafed and scraped against Joey's back, further grazing the wide expanse of sugar-dark skin, matching the poetic love-notes the carpet had written on him once they'd barely stepped through the door."

"Jesus," Josh murmured.

"Not one to be beaten, Mark continued resisting even when Joey had conquered his body, wriggling back when Joey pulled out, biting Joey's tongue when they met for another unruly kiss," Nick began where Troy left off. "The younger man paused for a moment, and suddenly Mark sprung up, launching himself from a thrust, both bodies colliding with the cheap plaster and leaving cracks. He leapt onto Joey's hips, pressing him right up against the cool, crumbling surface and pounding himself onto Joey, keeping rhythm with the muffled, violent thud-thud-thud of Joey's shoulders against the wall, until suddenly the-"

"Holy fuck, no mas," Joey said suddenly, his hands extended before him like a sheild. "Please. That's just..."

"Too hot for words," smirked Josh. "These kids are good."

Nick nodded eagerly. "They've even got period pieces. One's a western, then there's an eighteenth century-type deal, a zombie one-"

"Zombies?" Josh perked. Troy blushed, and Josh grabbed the phone from a nearby desk and dialed quickly. "Hey, Dan, take the day off, man. Nobody's feeling well. Yeah, cool. Bye." He winked at Troy and dialed another number. "Hello? Yes, delivery please. Homme, H-o-m-m-e. Right. Yeah, the usual, it's gonna be a long day. Thanks."

"Keep goin'" Mark growled at Nick, who just looked at him in response. "What? I wanna see who tops..."
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