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This one's dark. I have to be arrogant for a moment and pat myself on the back.

Bend over. Nick looks at me skeptically, his doubting eyes raking over me, as if their simple gaze will peel away this newfound courage of mine. He gets a firm glare in response, which shocks him.

"Yeah, right," he says, and laughs. Joshua laughs with him, taking a drag of the cigarette I gave him. I grab Nick's waist and push him between his shoulders, doubling him over. His hands catch his weight at the last minute. They stop laughing.

"What the shit," he reels, glaring over his shoulder at me. I lift his skirt - that ridiculously tight, black fabric that glides so deliciously over his thighs, and graze my hand gently over his rear. It's soft and plump, moreso than I would have expected from him. I tell him so, and Josh coughs not-so-quietly in the corner. I arch an eyebrow at him - it's the only look I have that manages to make him squirm. And it does.

I quietly unzip my pants and focus. Back to the matter at hand. Heh.

"The fuck are you laughing at?" Instead of answering, I lean over his body and slip my finger in his mouth. He groans, either from that, or my hard cock pressing between the cheeks of his ass, I can't tell. Either way, he's bending, and that makes me smile.

...that, and the fact that he's suckling my finger for all it's worth. I pull away before he gets too excited, and slowly slide it inside him. He hisses, so I slip another one in and curl them both. His hips buck, and I almost loose my hold on his back. So I press a bit harder on his spine, reminding him who's on top here. He gets the hint and calms down. Not one to let people off easy, I carefully slide my cock inside his ass - beneath my fingers, mind - and holding him still, press all the way in. His groan is loud and whorish. To match the gaudy make up and tacky wig, I note, and curl my fingers again.

Behave. He whimpers some sort of response, and takes a calming breath. Before he can exhale, however, I slip out and pound forcefully back inside him. He bites his bottom lip, an effort to keep quiet, I imagine, and the bedspread gathers in his fists. Satisfied, I grin and remove my fingers. He whimpers. It makes me laugh, the cruel tone of it surprising even me. Still maintaining my hold on his back, I place my free hand at the junction of his hip and thigh. I glance boldy at Joshua, who's now got his legs crossed in a futile attempt to hide his boner. So silly. As if I didn't know he liked to watch...

Never mind. Focus. I grind my hips slowly against the generous curve of Nick's ass, dragging out the moan I know he's trying to hold back. It breaks free soon enough, and I take my cue to fuck him silly. He closes his eyes and wails as I tpound into him, and his hips arch to meet mine. I tighten my grip on his thigh and hold him stil. My fuck. Mine. He's determined not to go easily, and tries clenching his muscles around me. My vision blurs a bit, and press harder on his spine. I know it's getting harder for him to breathe - his breaths are growing shallow and ragged. What's it gonna be Nick, air, or the fuck of your life? He gives up and chooses the latter, relaxing his muscles enough for me to even gain another inch within him.

His cries are falsettoed now, almost feminine. Fitting, really, seeing as how his skirt is now pooled somewhere around his midsection. He's getting closer, and if I were a stronger man, I could fight the hips he keeps bucking and fuck him proper. Sadly to say, I'm not, so I'll allow it this time. Instead, I press harder on his spine, and thrust even harder. He comes with a raspy sigh, and not a moment too soon. Any longer, and I think I may have thrown my back out.

I don't bother to see if he's completly done before grabbing his hips with both hands. I stand a bit straighter and pull him to me, yanking his weight back to my hips, making him fuck me. He's delirious by the time I come - I'd have enjoyed it more if it didn't require such physical stress on my part. Pulling out, I wipe myself clean using the hem of his skirt. I look at him, completly and totally full of myself, and zip myself back up.

Josh is still sitting there, his hand grasping his cock through his jeans. He blushes and flees the room, leaving his "bro" completely spent across the bed. Nick winces and stares at me over shoulder, his wig askew and make up smeared.

"Jesus, Troy!" he gasps, his skin still a little flushed. I glance the closest mirror and run a and through my hair.

Told you you looked good enough to fuck in that skirt.
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