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The Dread Ninja-Pirate Mad Anne Rackham Esq.

Title: Don't Dream It...
Fandom: Queens of the Stone Age
Characters: Mark Lanegan, Brody Dalle, PJ Harvey
Prompt: #40 Sight
Word Count: 197
Rating: G
Summary: The continuing adventures of Girl!Mark Lanegan
Disclaimer: These people aren't mine, I don't know them, I don't claim to. This is all fiction.
Notes: Squel-ish to That Girl.

It takes very little convincing to get Brody to help him pick out a bra. In their ever rotating cast of characters, he's the closest to a permanent other girl there's ever been and as rough and tough as Brody is, there are things in the world that only another girl could understand.

Mark gets that now.

They run into Polly Jean at the VC, which is completely surreal, only not because how often does one go bra shopping with Brody Dalle, or, in this case, at all.

"Hello Polly Jean." Mark says, because with him, it's never just Polly, always Polly Jean.

And she eyes him a moment before bursting into laughter. "Oh, Mark, you look horrible in drag." She chides.

Mark feels his face heat. "I'm not in drag." He says softly.

"Oh." Polly Jean replies. "Oh!" And of course she's heard of this happening; don't they read the Weekly World News? They don't. And she stands for a moment, chewing on her bright red lips and looking at them with mild discomfort.

"I didn't mean it, Mark." She says, finally. "You look great." And she is gone in a curly swirl of black hair.

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