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I was rushed. :\

They said nothing.

Joshua grunted. Loud, and harsh, the action of it scraping his precious vocal chords. He tugged hard at the burly arms that gripped his shoulders, his midsection flailing wildly. He felt strong hands snake upwards behind his back and clutch his neck, making it near impossible to break free. He struggled with the blindfold across his eyes, peering through the opaque dark fabric. He let out a shout before he could bite it back, the panic in his voice echoing off the walls in the small room.

And still, they said nothing.

"Guys," he pleaded finally. "Guys, come on. Let me... Lemme go-" Another strong hand clamped over his mouth. He slipped his tongue between the fingers on his lips in an attempt to get them off, but instead he felt another tongue against his own. The hand slipped away, and a set of soft, full lips took its place. It was impossible to tell who this mouth belonged to - Josh's senses were going mad from overload. All he could do was moan into it, he was desperate for some sort of contact. Although, as a strap of leather lashed against his bare stomach, he regretted his desperation instantly.

He shouted in pain, the sound of his voice blending with the curling reverb of the belt that had struck him. A mouth was on him again, different this time, and someone's hands were busy with his belt buckle. Josh tried to squirm away from the hands at his hips, but this mouth on his distracted him thouroughly. Josh squirmed again as his pants collected in a denim pool at his feet. He felt humid breath near his loins, and outright groaned as a wide tongue traced along the length of his erection.

The grip on his neck and shoulders tightened suddenly, frightening a small shriek out of him. The owner of the arms chuckled darkly, while the mouth at his crotch hummed with amusement. He felt his cock slide between slick, warm lips and shuddered as the mouth swallowed around his girth. His moans were stacattoed and breathy, and when he felt yet another tongue drag across the back of his neck, it was almost too much.

"Godfuck," he breathed. "Let me go, please!" He was answered with another round of chuckles, and another lash from the belt. Josh shouted again, and his knees went limp. The one holding his arms tightened their grip, and another mouth joined the one between his legs. Josh heard himself whimper and croon as the pair of them had their way with him, and came violently in someone's mouth.

And still, they said nothing.

He was exhausted from the lot of it. His arms were numb, his cock was sore, he had no idea where any of this had came from... He moved to mention as much, when someone took his wrists from his warden behind him. Their touch was softer, much more gentle than anyone else had been thus far. They kissed him, and he melted into it, too tired to remove his blindfold. He took a step forward, and found his warden had moved his firm grip in Josh's hips instead. His panic throbbed in his ears like an orchestra of timpanis, pausing only long enough to hear a chair being dragged across the floor. He felt a familiar heat at his ass, and whimpered as someone's cock pressed insistantly at his rear. His warden shoved him, and Josh caught himself on the chair, that had apparently been placed before him.

He expected them to say nothing. He didn't expect to be violently entered with no lube, however. Josh howled in pain as his warden sheathed himself to the hilt. The pain didn't subside as quickly as he'd hoped, but eventually the jabbing at his ass began to feel as good as he could remember feeling. Just when Josh thought he'd come from the pounding behind him, his assailant pulled out. Joshua collapsed to his knees, moaning like some wanton whore. He clutched to the chair for deal life, and shivered as the cool air lapped at his sensitive skin.

"How was that?"

"Disturbing." The room errupted into laughter, and Josh peeled his blindfold from his face. Brody sat on her haunches, eyeing him darkly as she fingered the belt in her hands. Troy was wiping furiously at his tie with a wet cloth, and Joey zipped up his jeans.

"Okay," said Troy to the mirror before them. "But how did it sound?"

"All right," Josh heard Goss reply. "We'll have to edit the parts where he spoke, though."

"Or we could do another take," Brody purred, as she caressed the side of her husband's face with the belt.

They looked at each other and grinned. Josh wept.
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